Until they are old enough to do it for themselves, children need their parents’ help with keeping their teeth clean. By taking care of their teeth at home, and bringing them in for regular pediatric dental exams, you can lower your child’s risk for tooth decay. Unfortunately, cavities do form and affect the oral health of younger patients sometimes. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to carefully restore children’s teeth when they need work done for decay. By promptly dealing with the problem, we can protect them against potential complications that can affect their smile in the long term.

People Of All Ages Are Vulnerable To Dental Decay

Once our teeth arrive, we become vulnerable to dental decay. This means that even young children are at risk for cavities, though that risk can be controlled with good preventive dental care. If they are still too young to brush and floss for themselves, you can keep your child’s smile free of plaque and tartar accumulation by gently cleaning their teeth. Once the reach the age of six or seven, a child should be ready to take on these tasks for themselves. At this point, you should be confident that they can protect their teeth and avoid cavities. Early pediatric dental exams can help with this, as your dentist can provide them with instructions they can use to form good habits.

We Can Take Care Of Your Child’s Cavity

In the event that a child does experience problems with dental decay, our office is prepared to help! Our goal is always to minimize changes to healthy tooth structure when performing restorative dental work. We can place a dental filling to protect a child’s tooth after decay is removed, or use a stainless steel crown when necessary. It should be noted that treating a cavity is a priority even if it forms on a primary (baby) tooth, as unresolved problems with decay can lead to pain and developmental complications.

Tips For Protecting Your Children Against Tooth Decay

While you are still responsible for cleaning their teeth, take the time to talk with your kids about why a healthy smile is important. This encouragement, along with instructions on cleaning their teeth themselves, can make it easier for them to start caring for their own teeth in time. Remember to also encourage good snacking and eating habits, as kids often have a harder time turning down sweets than adults!

Our Temecula, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help If You Think Your Child Has A Cavity

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