While few families have the exact same holiday plans, it is likely that your family will enjoy a few of your favorite seasonal treats, and can also enjoy a welcome break from work and school. While these are certainly all enjoyable, the things we do to celebrate around the holidays can sometimes make us more vulnerable to cavities. Children can be at higher risk for tooth decay at this time because, simply put, they tend to have less restraint when it comes to sugary foods and drinks. If you want to make sure that your kids make it through the holiday season without cavities, good guidance and support for their oral health routine can help. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office is here to help, too – we can provide routine pediatric dental exams, and we can encourage kids to practice better oral hygiene habits at home.

Are Your Kids At Risk For Tooth Decay This Holiday Season?

Good preventive dental care is important throughout the year. With that said, it can be more difficult to keep healthy teeth once the holidays arise. This time of year often sees people gather together and enjoy festive foods and drinks that can be delicious, but not so great for our enamel. Changes in our routine can also be an issue, as some people can have a difficult time sticking to their brushing and flossing routine. Because kids can naturally have a harder time with both moderation and good oral hygiene, they may be more susceptible than their parents when it comes to dental trouble.

How You Can Help Your Kids Avoid Smile Trouble

One thing you should make sure you do around the holidays is keep your kids on a good schedule, at least when it comes to good oral hygiene. While they can sleep in during the days when they have no school, it is important that they still start their day by thoroughly cleaning their smile. To protect them against an increase in sugar consumption, plan meals and snacks with the expectation that they will overindulge during holiday activities. By cutting back on sugar in other meals, you can reduce their overall risk for problems that might call for dental fillings or dental crowns.

Make Sure Your Kids Have Dental Exams Scheduled

It is important to stay consistent with preventive dental care at any age. For kids, this can be important because they are still learning how and why to take care of their smiles. Your dentist can assist with this during routine evaluations by giving them tips on avoiding cavities as well as by providing dependable in-office care.

Your Corona, CA Dentist Can Help Everyone In Your Family Maintain Healthy Teeth!

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