How effective is your daily oral hygiene routine? It is important that you keep up with both brushing and flossing on a daily basis – by doing so, you can prevent the formation of tartar on your smile. Tartar buildup does not require restorative dental work by itself, but it will remain in place until your hygienist removes it during a scheduled teeth cleaning. When tartar is left in place, it will increase your risk for problems with dental decay and gum disease, something that can require more involved care from your dentist. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office can help you fight tartar buildup by providing preventive care, and we can support you by offering guidance on good habits to maintain at home.

How Effective Is Your Daily Oral Care Routine?

If you do not have the right routine in place, it will be difficult for you to consistently protect yourself against tartar buildup. In a short time, plaque deposits that have formed on your smile can harden and become resistant to removal with a toothbrush and floss. This is why consistency is important – if you take breaks between your scheduled oral care sessions, you can give plaque more time to grow and harden. Thoroughness also matters, as you need to make sure you are removing harmful plaque buildup in hard to reach areas.

The Importance Of Better Flossing Habits

People who feel confident in their routine because they brush regularly may be leaving themselves in a more vulnerable place than they realize. The problem is that while they brush consistently, they fail to floss on a regular basis. This oversight can make you more likely to have problems with gum disease, and it can also make you vulnerable to issues that may require dental fillings and dental crowns in the future. Simply put, it is difficult for anyone to effectively clean between their teeth if they do not floss regularly, leaving these spaces vulnerable to tartar buildup.

Other Things To Do On A Daily Basis To Protect Your Smile

If you want to avoid problems with your smile, be consistent about more than just brushing and flossing. Make sure you cut back on sugar if you have had issues with cavities in the past. Sugar feeds the harmful bacteria that gather on our teeth and release destructive acids as part of their digestive process. To clear away harmful food debris and bacteria more consistently, drink water with meals.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Tartar Prevention And Removal

At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, patients who come to us for regular care can depend on us to deal with tartar buildup as part of their routine preventive services. To learn more, or to contact one of our locations closer to you, we can be reached at the following:

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