When smile problems accumulate over time, the restorative dental work needed to fully address them can accumulate, too. Have you gone without oral health care for an extended length of time and now hope to address the problems you face? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who need multiple treatments can count on us to determine what their needs are and recommend the right procedures to deliver exciting results. If your smile troubles include issues with tooth loss, we can look into beginning your care with prosthetic dental services.

Facing Significant Smile Problems

If you feel that your smile troubles are significant, you may feel too embarrassed or intimidated to talk to a dentist about them. By delaying care in this way, you force yourself to spend more time with active oral health issues and also delay when you can start showing off a better, brighter smile! We can create an overall smile improvement plan that restores unhealthy teeth, replaces those that are lost, and addresses other issues like gum disease and TMJ disorder to improve your health and quality of life.

Arranging Prosthetic Dental Work

Through prosthetic dental work, we will replace teeth that have already been lost, or those that we find need to be extracted after an evaluation. Modern prosthetic appliances can be permanently set in place and trusted to support your bite function. A dental bridge is put in place with a pair of dental crowns that hold your prosthetic securely enough to stay stable for many years. This approach to treatment will not require you to undergo oral surgery.

Restoring Unhealthy Teeth And Improving Your Smile

In addition to replacing teeth that are already lost, we can take on problems with your smile by restoring unhealthy teeth. When signs of infection are present, we will provide root canal therapy to ease discomfort and prevent the spread of bacteria through your roots. With dental crowns, we can cap teeth and restore both their appearance and health. In addition to addressing active oral health issues, we can discuss cosmetic dentistry for improving the appearance of teeth with superficial problems.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Starting Plans To Fully Restore Your Smile!

Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is ready to help if you need work done to fully restore your smile! Contact our practice today to start a plan to address problems with multiple teeth, and with missing teeth. You can reach us or one of our other locations closer to you at the following:

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