If you are aware that you have a cavity, you should make treatment a priority. Ignoring trouble with tooth decay makes you vulnerable to oral health complications that affect how you are treated, how you feel, and how much of your tooth your dentist can actually save. If your Moreno Valley, CA dentist finds a cavity during a routine dental exam, they can work with you to set up the appropriate restorative dental work. If a cavity is too large for a dental filling, we can recommend treatment with a dental crown that protects the tooth, preserves your bite, and still allows you to smile and speak with confidence.

1. A Cavity Will Keep Growing Until You Undergo Treatment

If you let a cavity go without treatment, it will become progressively larger over time. This will eventually change how the tooth has to be treated, as too much damage will make a dental filling a less effective form of protection. However, if you act in time, you can still use a filling, which is the more conservative treatment option. Fillings only occupy a small amount of space, as they only cover the area that was affected by a cavity.

2. You May Develop A Painful Tooth Infection

Eventually, bacteria will make their way into your tooth’s central chamber and attack the living tissues housed in your pulp. At this point, you can experience tooth pain and sensitivity that are difficult to ignore. This problem can be stopped with root canal therapy. With that said, the problem will eventually grow serious enough without treatment that the tooth cannot be saved.

3. Your Dentist’s Treatment Can Preserve Your Smile And Restore Your Dental Health

In addition to taking care of the damage to your tooth structure, your dentist can make sure your smile still looks natural and attractive after treatment. The fillings and dental crowns that we use when restoring teeth are made to imitate healthy tooth enamel. Because of this, you will not have to worry about the way a restoration looks, even if it is in a conspicuous space.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Restoring Your Cavity

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