If you feel good about your appearance when you smile, it seems reasonable to assume you want to maintain that confidence. When you think about how you can keep your teeth healthy and attractive, remember that the quality of your smile can also be impacted by your periodontal health. Problems with unhealthy gums can lead to swollen and discolored tissues, as well as problems with gum line recession. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office provides periodontal care in addition to supporting the health of your teeth at regular dental exams. Take advantage of these visits in order to stay safe against gingivitis, and make sure that when you brush and floss at home, you work to keep your gum line clean and healthy.

How Can I Tell If My Gums Are Healthy Or Not?

There are a few signs of poor periodontal health that you can identify without your dentist’s help. One sign of trouble is bleeding easily when you brush and floss, a common issue for people with gingivitis. Another is swelling or discoloration, which can affect infected tissues. You also need to be aware that in time, your gum line can recede because of an infection.

The Consequences Of Gum Disease

Just as a cavity can grow worse over time, going from something that requires a dental filling to something that can call for root canal therapy and a dental crown, gum disease can worsen if it is not managed. Without the appropriate care, gingivitis will worsen and lead you to have issues with periodontitis. At this point, you will have a harder time managing the condition, which can affect your general health and raise your risk for tooth loss! By scheduling regular exams, you can count on early warnings about symptoms of gum disease that you have overlooked.

Good Practices To Follow To Preserve A Lovely Smile

If you want to protect yourself from poor periodontal health, make sure that you clean thoroughly at the base of your teeth when you brush and floss. Cleaning these spaces will keep bacteria from gathering and eventually moving to the roots of your teeth, where they can cause infections. To protect your smile and deprive harmful bacteria of food, remember to keep your sugar intake low.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Can Help You Maintain Healthy Gums And Teeth!

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