If you want your child to grow up with a healthy, confident smile, you should make their oral hygiene a priority from an early age. Kids typically need help brushing and flossing until they are around the ages of six and seven. While you may not assist them directly with these tasks, you can still feel responsible for their oral health while they are growing up. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is here to help you protect their teeth from decay. At pediatric dental exams, we will provide important checks on their development as well as careful cleanings and evaluations to keep them safe from problems. At the appropriate times, we can even recommend special services that increase their resistance to cavities!

You And Your Dentist Both Provide Important Cavity Protection For Your Kids

Kids, like adults, can depend on good oral health care at home and at the dentist’s office to avoid problems with tooth decay. You provide help with their daily needs from an early age. Until they are capable of doing these tasks themselves, you will be the one who carefully cleans their teeth each day. You also control their diet, which means you can restrict their access to sugar to keep their smile safe. At the dentist’s office, kids receive similar services to what adults enjoy during routine dental exams. With that said, there are a few extra services that are often recommended to keep kids safe from problems that require dental fillings and dental crowns.

How You Can Help Your Child Develop Good Oral Hygiene Habits

As they grow older, your kids will reach an age where they can brush and floss their teeth on their own. Until they do, make sure you tend to their teeth carefully, and take time to show them what an effective routine looks like. Check in with them once they start to brush and floss on their own. By doing this, you can catch mistakes they make before they turn into habits that leave them vulnerable to problems!

We Can Provide Extra Cavity Protection For Kids

At the recommended times, we can provide extra protection to help kids stay cavity-free. Through fluoride treatments, we can provide them with better natural protection against cavities. Fluoride applications encourage teeth to recover more quickly from damage, which can keep a cavity from forming. We also provide dental sealants for kids’ teeth. Sealants become a barrier between their enamel and harmful materials like bacteria and food particles.

Schedule Dental Care For Your Kids At Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office

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