How does a dental crown protect a tooth? Crowns completely cover teeth above the gum line, keeping them safe when they are injured or affected by severe decay. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we can determine if your tooth problem requires treatment with a crown, and make plans to take care of you. In addition to providing full dental crowns, we offer inlays and onlays that partially cover teeth and protect them against problems. If you are concerned about a crown’s impact on your appearance, you can be happy to know that restorations made from lifelike porcelain or zirconia are able to imitate healthy tooth structure.

Will You Need A Dental Crown To Restore Your Tooth?

Dental crowns are used to restore teeth when dental fillings are not capable of providing enough support. Before deciding what restoration you need, your dentist will closely evaluate your tooth to see how much support it requires. If you need root canal therapy to restore a tooth’s health, a crown will be needed. It is important to provide a sufficiently strong restoration because you should be able to properly bite and chew food with your tooth after treatment.

Full Crowns Versus Inlays And Onlays

Depending on what condition your tooth is in, we will determine if you require a dental crown, an inlay, or an onlay. Full crowns provide the most protection, as they completely cover teeth above your gum line. That coverage keeps a badly hurt tooth safe so that you can bite and chew without issues. Inlays and onlays only cover portions of teeth. These restorations still provide more protection than dental fillings, but they require less preparatory work than full crowns.

We May Be Able To Restore Your Tooth Through Cosmetic Treatment

For dental injuries, it may be possible to restore a tooth through cosmetic dental work. Porcelain veneers and tooth bonding services make changes to teeth through more conservative treatment options. By providing tooth bonding and contouring treatment, we can potentially restore the appearance of a worn or damaged tooth in as little as one appointment!

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Treatment With A Dental Crown

With a custom dental crown, your Temecula, CA dentist can protect a vulnerable tooth and make sure that it remains safe. To learn how we can restore your oral health and smile with a custom restoration, or to contact one of our other locations closer to you, please reach out to us via the following numbers:

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