How are you supposed to deal with a dental problem that causes persistent tooth pain or sensitivity? A problem like this should be brought to your dentist’s attention, as you may be in need of root canal therapy. A root canal deals with problems that concern the interior of a tooth. Issues with advanced dental decay or physical tooth trauma can lead to an infection, or to damage within your pulp that will need to be treated. By providing this restorative dental service, your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can put painful oral health issues behind you. We should note that we can also help you prevent problems that call for root canal treatment during routine dental exams, which lead to the early detection and treatment of cavities.

Has Dental Pain Or Sensitivity Become A Concern For You?

Problems with tooth pain or sensitivity can be tough to ignore. What you should know is that if you do try to tune out discomfort, you can put yourself in an unpleasant situation. Prolonged discomfort can be a sign that your tooth is infected, and that infection will continue to worsen over time without the appropriate treatment. Eventually, a problem will grow so serious that the only treatment to recommend is the extraction of your tooth. You can avoid this when you schedule treatment to address your dental concerns.

How A Root Canal Helps You

Problems with tooth decay do not require root canal therapy at all times. When a cavity is caught in time, it can be treated with a dental filling, and you can avoid issues with infection. However, if an infection does develop, it will lead to troubles with pain and sensitivity that are difficult to ignore. During root canal therapy, your dentist directly addresses the “root” of your tooth troubles by removing bacteria and infected tissues from your pulp. After this is done, your tooth will be restored with a dental crown to keep it safe.

Regular Checkups Keep You Informed About Your Dental Health

Your risk for tooth decay is lowered by regular dental exams. This is thanks to both the cleanings provided during your visits, which remove tartar and plaque, and your dentist’s work to identify early warning signs of trouble. When cavities are spotted before they become painful, they can be treated before there are infection concerns to address.

Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist Is Ready To Provide Root Canal Therapy

When it is necessary to perform root canal therapy, your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can carefully treat your tooth and resolve ongoing problems with pain and sensitivity. We are also able to provide preventive services where problems can be identified and addressed before a root canal is needed! To find out more about our practice and services, or to reach one of our other locations closer to you, please contact us at the following:

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