You can have some understandable concerns when simple jaw movements start to feel painful, or when joint stiffness makes them difficult. If this problem persists over time, and if you also struggle with nightly teeth grinding issues, bring the matter to your Corona, CA dentist’s attention! We are prepared to help individuals who struggle with TMJ disorder and bruxism. These issues occur when an individual develops problems with poor joint alignment, or when unresolved tension begins to affect your jaw joints or muscles. Relief can often come in the form of oral appliance therapy, which eases tension and helps correct problems with joint alignment.

TMJ Disorder Can Lead To Difficulties With Biting, Chewing, And Speaking

People who deal with TMJ disorder can experience a frustrating increase in headaches, facial pain, and other forms of discomfort. They can also struggle to bite, chew, and speak because their joints feel stiff or sore. Ignoring the problem can lead to many consequences over time. This can be particularly true for those who start to grind their teeth at night while they sleep. Troubles with bruxism can lead to wear and tear on teeth that hurt your smile. Some patients experience so much wear and tear that they choose to look into cosmetic dentistry, while others may need dental crowns to protect damaged teeth!

Using An Oral Appliance To Address Tension On Your Jaw Joints And Muscles

Oral appliance therapy eases tension on jaw joints and muscles by changing the position of your jaw to ease tension and improve joint alignment. Your dentist will provide an appliance that is personally made to address your ongoing discomfort with TMJ disorder. The gradual correction it provides can reduce your daily issues with pain and sensitivity, and it can lead to a better and healthier jaw function! We can also provide custom appliances to protect teeth against bruxism while you sleep.

Reviewing Treatment Options To Restore Teeth Affected By Bruxism

For cosmetic wear and tear, we can recommend porcelain veneers or tooth bonding and contouring treatment. These procedures provide conservative improvements to the way you look so that visibly worn or misshapen teeth no longer hurt your smile. When dental damage affects your bite or oral health, dental crowns can restore teeth in poor health to provide better protection!

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About TMJ Problems

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