As you begin Invisalign treatment, you can feel excited for many reasons. One is that you are about to start a procedure that will not attract unwanted attention that metal braces can draw. Many patients who are self-conscious about needing orthodontic work can be relieved that they will not have to wear conspicuous aligners to improve the way they look. While you can be excited for the benefits of Invisalign treatment during your adjustment, you can also feel real excitement for what comes after your adjustment. Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can help you understand the benefits of treatment with these appliances and other orthodontic aligners that we can offer.

1. You Can Show Off A More Symmetrical Smile

To put it simply, straightened teeth can look more symmetrical, and that can make your smile appear more attractive. While orthodontic treatment is not just about cosmetic dental improvements, the improvements delivered are hard to ignore, and certainly something to feel excited over.

2. You No Longer Have To Feel Self-Conscious About Gaps Or Overlaps Between Teeth

The gaps and overlaps that are currently visible when you smile and speak can make you self-conscious. They can also make trouble for your oral health. Teeth that overlap can be more difficult to keep clean, and that can cause difficulties with preventing oral health problems.

3. You Can Enjoy Better Oral Health

When you finish straightening your teeth with Invisalign aligners, you can be delighted at how your smile has changed. As beneficial as these improvements might be, there are several oral health improvements that corrective work can make, including better bite alignment and fewer difficulties maintaining your oral hygiene. Over time, you find it easier to prevent problems with tooth decay and gum disease when your teeth are straightened. You also reduce your risks for TMJ disorder, a problem linked to poor bite balance. While your teeth are uneven, it can be difficult to evenly apply and release pressure, just as it can be difficult for you to avoid overusing certain teeth.

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