If you feel uncomfortable whenever you are in the dentist’s chair, or just when you think about dental work, you may struggle with dental anxiety. This type of anxiety is not something to take lightly or write off. People who experience it can have a more difficult time arranging important oral health services, putting them at risk for more difficulties with their smile. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can help you combat these uncomfortable feelings when you visit us. Dental sedation makes oral health services easier to arrange, even when you need to schedule restorative dental work.

Do You Feel Anxious When You Think About Undergoing Dental Work?

You may have some questions or concerns about your treatment if you need a more involved dental procedure. However, if you have enough anxiety to avoid treatment that your dentist has informed you that you need, or if you stay out of the dentist’s chair even when you just need a routine oral health exam, it can affect your well-being in real ways. Putting off treatment makes you vulnerable to oral health complications that affect your treatment. If you are not scheduling regular dental exams, you make yourself more vulnerable to the onset of future problems that will call for treatment.

How Sedation Helps You During Treatment

We provide more than one procedure for patients who ask for help with anxiety or unease around dental work. Those options include nitrous oxide, which can be administered during your time in treatment, or an oral sedative that you take before treatment. Nitrous oxide’s effects can dissipate quickly, which means you can more quickly recover and return to your day. While oral sedatives have effects that last longer, they can provide deeper feelings of relaxation for people with more serious anxiety issues.

Why Putting Off Oral Health Services Can Lead To More Problems

The longer you wait to deal with something like dental decay, the more serious it can become. As time passes, a cavity will worsen, eventually becoming so serious that root canal therapy is needed. This means you now have to worry about complications from a tooth infection, and it means more permanent damage to your enamel.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety around dental care can be hard for some people to avoid. However, it is not something that we are helpless against, as our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can provide sedation during dental procedures to make patients more comfortable. To learn more about our practice, or to contact one of our other locations closer to you, please reach out at the following:

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