If your wisdom teeth have not been removed yet, it is something that may need to happen sooner than you realize. You should stay informed about their movement over time. Once they start to erupt, a lack of space can cause them to become impacted. At this point, their impeded arrival can cause difficulties with teeth crowding, damage to neighboring molars, and unwelcome pain and sensitivity! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is ready to help you if you need your wisdom teeth removed. To safely extract these teeth without causing problems for their neighbors, we can perform minor oral surgery to carefully remove them.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Difficult Problems

Why do so many people have problems with their wisdom teeth? For many of us, a lack of space is at the root of the trouble. Simply put, you may not have room for your wisdom teeth in your mouth. As they begin to erupt, crowding can cause them to shift or only partially arrive. At this point, you can experience difficulties as they push on neighboring molars, press in teeth, and become difficult to properly remove.

Arranging Wisdom Teeth Extraction

At the appropriate time, we can arrange your wisdom teeth extraction and safely take them out before they cause trouble. We can walk you through both the removal process and the care you should take after your work is done to heal properly. If you already experienced problems with impacted teeth, we can discuss different services that might be of benefit to you.

We Can Warn You About Wisdom Teeth Movement At A Checkup

At regular dental exams, our practice can check on more than just whether or not you have a cavity. We will look out for changes that suggest your wisdom teeth are going to arrive soon and provide help. We can also watch out for problems with your periodontal health, or speak to you about problems with your jaw movement and alignment. Early interventions prevent larger problems at a later time, making routine services important in the long term.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office About Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

With the right approach to care, your dentist can safely remove your wisdom teeth before they create trouble for your smile and oral health. This is one of many beneficial services we are ready to provide you. To learn more about what we can do at our office, or to reach one of our locations closer to you, please reach out to us at the following:

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