Pain, stiffness, and limited motion should not be common problems for you when you try to move your jaw. If you do regularly experience issues with discomfort whenever you bite, chew, or speak, you should talk to your Moreno Valley, CA dentist about it. You may be dealing with issues related to TMJ disorder. This is a problem that occurs when a person has unresolved issues with tension or uneven jaw joint alignment. Until it is resolved, you can experience worsening discomfort. You can also develop a tendency to grind your teeth at night, something that can lead to worrying dental damage!

Is TMJ Disorder Currently Affecting Your Life?

There are several symptoms that can be associated with TMJ disorder. Among those symptoms are increased headaches, difficulties with limited or painful jaw movement, teeth grinding, and problems with facial soreness and sensitivity. If any of these issues sound familiar, you should discuss them with your dentist. You can also learn more about TMJ problems, and your treatment options, when you schedule a routine dental exam.

Discussing Treatment For TMJ Disorder

To help you ease jaw tension and improve your joint alignment, we can provide a custom oral guard that you use to resolve problems with pain, stiffness, and sensitivity. With the use of this guard, you can correct your jaw’s resting position. By doing this, you can gradually even out your alignment when you move your jaw to bite, chew, and speak. This can also alleviate tension on your muscles, which can also help you reduce pain.

Treating Dental Damage That Occurs Because You Grind Your Teeth

For those patients whose TMJ troubles include teeth grinding issues, we can offer protection with a custom oral guard. To address dental damage that has already occurred because of this issue, we can provide either restorative or cosmetic dental work. The procedure we recommend will be based on the condition of your enamel. Cosmetic services are more conservative, which means more of your natural tooth structure remains untouched. If you already have oral health issues that we need to address, we can discuss restorative treatment.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About TMJ Treatment!

Through treatment for TMJ disorder, our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can help you set aside problems with persistent pain, stiffness, and sensitivity. We can also resolve problems with teeth grinding, something often associated with TMJ troubles. To find out more, or to reach one of our locations closer to you, call us at the following:

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