Increasing jaw pain can make you uncomfortable, and it can quickly turn into a distraction that interferes with your quality of life. This is a problem that can occur when you have an uneven bite function, or when stress affects your joints and muscles. In time, this can make you more likely to start grinding your teeth while you sleep, and it can lead to an unpleasant increase in headaches. Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office can help you take on this issue. We can provide an oral appliance that you wear at night in order to ease tension on your jaw joints and muscles. If necessary, we can also discuss treatment to restore any teeth that you are not comfortable using when you bite and chew.

How Is Jaw Pain Interfering With Your Day?

How often do you find yourself struggling with stiffness when you bite, chew, or speak? Do you often feel pain or sensitivity in your face, jaw, and neck? Problems with TMJ disorder can interfere with your daily life in several ways. While the issue is rooted in trouble with your jaw joints and muscles, you can experience problems throughout your neck and head, and even deal with a rise in headaches! We can talk to you about using oral appliance therapy to alleviate tension, and we can also look into work to restore teeth that are not effectively absorbing bite pressure.

Addressing TMJ Disorder To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Oral appliance therapy can help with TMJ disorder and bruxism (nightly teeth grinding). Your dentist will provide an appliance that is custom-made to hold your jaw in a more comfortable position that eases tension on your jaw. To address bruxism, we can supply a guard that will safely keep your teeth apart and stop you from grinding. In addition to easing stress, this can protect you against experiencing dental damage.

Do You Need Dental Work To Improve Your Bite?

You may develop problems with bite pain or stiffness because you are not able to put pressure on a tooth. To address this, we can provide restorative dental work to help you avoid the development of imbalances. When we restore teeth that are more important to your smile, we can use restorations that match the appearance of your healthy enamel.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Your Jaw Pain

If you start to experience more frequent problems with jaw pain, or if you are having a more difficult time biting, chewing, and speaking without discomfort, let your Temecula, CA dentist know! Through treatment for TMJ disorder, we can alleviate your pains and help you improve your quality of life. To learn more, or to reach out to one of our other locations closer to you, please call us at the following:

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