You have (hopefully) become familiar with habits that help you prevent problems with dental decay. The unfortunate truth is that people often experience problems with cavities even as they stick to these habits. Their efforts may have become less effective over time because their teeth are becoming more vulnerable to decay, or because of diet changes that affect their risk. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can take care of you if it is necessary to provide cavity treatment. We can use a lifelike dental filling to take care of your tooth, protecting both your appearance and oral health. If necessary, we can provide support with a dental crown, a larger restoration that can deal with more severe cavities.

Why Do I Need A Filling If I Have A Cavity?

Even if your cavity is small, it needs to be dealt with properly. That means more than just the removal of decayed tissues needs to occur. To fully protect you, we can place a restoration that will prevent further damage, or the onset of an infection due to bacteria buildup. Fillings are a conservative treatment option, one that leaves surrounding enamel alone. We use a material that imitates the appearance of natural teeth to prevent cosmetic problems when patients need work done in visible areas.

Receiving Your Lifelike Filling

Your dental filling will be placed after decayed tissues are removed during your procedure. A composite material can go in place if you need work done in an area where people are more likely to see your restoration. This substance can match the appearance of your enamel to blend in and avoid notice. It also offers lasting support because it bonds directly with the surrounding structure.

Other Services We Can Provide For Patients With Oral Health Issues

If necessary, we can provide a larger restoration to make sure that your tooth remains safe. In addition to full crowns that completely cap teeth, we provide both inlays and onlays. These cover more area than a filling can, but they do not make it necessary to completely envelop the tooth structure.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Receiving A Lifelike Filling

Your lifelike dental filling can restore your tooth without negatively changing your smile. Our Riverside, CA dentist can provide this and other types of restoration to help patients who are worried about their health and appearance because of a cavity. To find out more about our practice and services, call us at the following:

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