What treatment options are really available if you have malocclusion? People often express concerns over this issue, which refers to problems with the alignment or spacing of their teeth. For many, this is something that can be addressed without traditional bracket-and-wire appliances. Instead, you can move forward with a procedure that relies on clear, removable appliances that are custom-made just for you. Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office does offer Invisalign as a treatment option for those concerned about a poorly aligned smile. At an appointment, we can help you understand the benefits of this and other services that focus on straightening teeth.

Are You Self-Conscious About Your Appearance Because Of Crooked Teeth?

Teeth that are crooked, too far apart, or too close together can hurt the quality of your smile. Because this is something that can affect people to different degrees, patients can be less than clear on what approach is right for them. You can discover that you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment, an approach to orthodontic care that lets you use removable, hard-to-see appliances to make corrections.

Choosing To Start Invisalign Treatment

By starting treatment with Invisalign aligners, you can take on gaps, crowding, and other concerns linked to malocclusion. You will receive a series of appliances that are designed to gradually move your teeth. When in place, they encourage progressive movements that bring you closer to your ideal smile. This can lead to more than just cosmetic improvements – a straightened bite can actually improve your oral health!

Invisalign aligners provide two big benefits. They are difficult to see, and they are easy to remove. This gives you more control over treatment, and makes it less apparent to others that you are doing work to fix spacing problems.

What Else Can Your Dentist Do To Improve Your Smile?

We offer different orthodontic appliances, including braces that are difficult to see. With that said, we can sometimes move forward with treatment that does not require corrective movements. Milder problems with spacing can sometimes be addressed through cosmetic work, something that will significantly shorten the time it takes for you to see your smile fully improved!

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Invisalign Treatment

Through treatment with Invisalign aligners, you can take on embarrassing and frustrating issues with poor smile alignment. Over time, your appliances will fix gaps and overlaps between teeth that make you unhappy with how you look. To learn more about the cosmetic and oral health benefits of this procedure, or to reach out to one of our other locations to discuss care, contact us at the following:

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