Is it time for you to say something to your dentist about the pain you experience whenever you bite, chew, or speak? How much longer should you wait for discomfort to dissipate on its own before you make an appointment and speak about your concerns? The issue you are ignoring could be TMJ disorder, an issue with poor joint alignment and tension that can impact your well-being in several ways. The good news is that your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can help you put this problem behind you. Oral appliance therapy can ease the tension on your jaw joints and muscles that has been responsible for your discomfort. This treatment approach can also help if you have related issues with bruxism, or persistent teeth grinding.

How Often Is Jaw Pain A Concern For You?

If you have issues with jaw pain and stiffness on a regular basis, if you often wake up with soreness or sensitivity that could be linked to teeth grinding, or if you have more frequent headaches, it could be because you are experiencing TMJ disorder. This disorder does not have a single cause. Any issue that interferes with your jaw movement, or creates excess stress on your joints and muscles, can lead to trouble. While this can be a difficult problem to deal with, it is one that your dentist can effectively address. A custom oral appliance can help reduce stress, correct imbalances in your joint movement, and improve your quality of life.

Using Oral Appliance Therapy To Ease Tension On Your Jaw

Oral appliance therapy helps with jaw pain and stiffness, poor movement, and even nightly teeth grinding. We will provide a guard that has been custom-made for you. When you wear it, your jaw will be held in a more comfortable and natural position. Over time, this will reduce stress, and it will help you maintain a more comfortable bite movement.

Do You Need To Address Damage From Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding issues can leave you with teeth that look worn and older, or even cause damage that needs to be addressed through restorative dental work! As part of our commitment to fully resolving your TMJ troubles, we can determine if any restorative or cosmetic dental work might be needed.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Your TMJ Troubles

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