Is a professional teeth whitening treatment really something that you can fit into your current routine, or will you have to take care to accommodate it? Many people feel that their smile could be brighter, but it can feel as though you simply cannot make time for a treatment to restore the color of your enamel. It is helpful to know that your Riverside, CA dentist can help, and that you can actually choose between in-office care and a professional whitening kit that you take home and use on your own. If we need to recommend another service to fully improve your appearance, we can help you understand what all of your options are.

Are You Tired Of Letting Your Teeth Stains Embarrass You?

Many people will gradually lose confidence in how they look, particularly when they have growing concerns about their teeth. Over time, you can pick up more and more teeth stains from popular foods and beverages, leading to a growing concern over both your appearance and oral health. Even if your smile remains healthy, it can appear as though it is not kept in the best shape.

You Can Choose Your Preferred Teeth Whitening Approach

Are you someone who likes to see results as soon as possible, or someone who prefers to operate on their own schedule? In both of these situations, we can help! You can simply take home a customized whitening kit if you want to control when you have bleaching agents applied to your enamel. To make this easier, we do provide our patients with trays that are made with molds from their teeth. For those who want to see results as soon as possible, we can instead recommend an in-office treatment. Our special curing lights speed up the effects of the gels used to fight stains.

Ask About Alternative Cosmetic Treatments To Address Intrinsic Discoloration

Is intrinsic discoloration something that affects you? This problem can make it hard for someone to see results from teeth whitening treatment. After all, whitening agents are meant to treat enamel stains, while intrinsic discoloration comes from problems within your tooth structure. Correcting problems that this issue can cause can give you renewed confidence in your overall appearance. We offer more than one cosmetic dental procedure that can put this matter behind you.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Teeth Whitening Treatment

Visit your Riverside, CA dentist to discuss how you can make your smile whiter! When you do so, you can learn that you have several treatment options, and that you can even receive support for problems within the tooth structure that change its color. For more information, or to reach one of our other locations, please reach out at the following:

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