Teeth grinding is a common response to stress, but a habit of grinding and clenching can lead to real consequences for your smile. Over time, the friction you produce because of bruxism can change the way you look by wearing down your enamel. There is also a real risk that you will cause chips and cracks to form in teeth, something that can require restorative dental work. Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can work with you to protect your smile. We can also help you manage related difficulties with TMJ disorder.

Why Am I Grinding My Teeth?

The start of a persistent teeth grinding problem, particularly at night, can lead to real difficulties for your smile. The more time you spend not dealing with this problem, the more likely you are to have permanent damage that will have to be addressed. Sometimes, this habit begins because of stress, because you have problems with jaw pain and stiffness, or even because of certain diet choices. While lifestyle changes can help you manage this problem, taking it seriously can mean having a conversation with your dentist. This can lead to the use of a custom oral guard that keeps teeth safe at night, a time when you may be persistently grinding your teeth.

Dealing With Nightly Bruxism Concerns

Nighttime difficulties with bruxism should not be taken lightly. If you suspect that you are experiencing this problem while you sleep, a custom guard can do important work to protect you from damage to your enamel. The guard that you receive will be custom-made so that it is secure, remains in place, and stable enough to protect you throughout the night.

We Can Also Help You Manage TMJ Pain

What else can we do to help if you are trying to address teeth grinding issues? After protecting your teeth, we can discuss either cosmetic dental work or restorative treatment to improve the way you look. We can also help you manage problems with jaw pain and stiffness. TMJ disorder can both cause bruxism and occur because you have been grinding your teeth. In addition to using oral appliance therapy to help, treatment to improve your bite function can be beneficial.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Bruxism

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