When jaw pain starts to become part of your daily life, it can be hard to identify the cause. This can be frustrating, particularly when the issue begins to limit your bite function and create problems with facial pain and sensitivity, headaches, and even the onset of teeth grinding and clenching. You should bring these matters up with your Corona, CA dentist, who can determine if you should start treatment for TMJ disorder. By correcting this problem, you can ease the tension caused by poor joint alignment and movement, which can lead to a welcome improvement in your quality of life.

Talk To Your Dentist About Your Issues With TMJ Disorder

If you start to suspect that you have issues with TMJ disorder, sharing your concern with your dentist is beneficial. This is a problem that develops when you have unresolved issues with the alignment and/or movement of your jaw. The tension that this imbalance creates can cause you discomfort when you bite and chew, and it can also create more frequent problems with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and other discomforts. It can also make you more likely to have issues with teeth grinding and clenching, a problem that can gradually wear down teeth and lead to problems with enamel damage.

Using A Corrective Appliance To Address Problems With Jaw Alignment

Through the use of a custom oral appliance, we can help you ease the tension on your joints and muscles by straightening your jaw alignment. The appliance, when worn at night, can help you readjust to a better resting position and grow more comfortable maintaining an even bite. We can also discuss using appliance therapy to help you deal with nightly teeth grinding issues, known as bruxism, so that they cannot do further harm to your enamel.

Treating Dental Problems That Affect Your Bite

If you have problems with your dental health that make it difficult for you to comfortably bite and chew food, the appropriate restorative dental work can help. With custom dental crowns, we can support teeth in order to help you apply pressure with them more comfortably.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Your Issues With Jaw Pain

Through the right treatment for TMJ disorder, you can take on issues with jaw pain that are negatively impacting your quality of life! Our practice is happy to discuss treatment for this and other issues with you. If you would like to find out more, or if you would like to reach another one of our locations, call us at the following:

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