We can pick up chips and cracks in our enamel from different problems. People who grind their teeth can experience this problem, but they can also occur from injuries, even from an unfortunate bite into something unexpectedly hard. When these problems arise, it can be difficult to know how to proceed with treatment. You can find that your Riverside, CA dentist is able to help you take on worries about your appearance and oral health due to enamel damage. Many people can have these issues addressed through cosmetic services. If you have more serious damages, we can provide restorative work that will preserve your smile and oral health.

Are You Growing Worried About The Condition Of Your Teeth?

Whether you have recent injuries to address or problems with wear and tear, the presence or chips or cracks in your tooth enamel can certainly be cause for concern. While our teeth are protected thanks to the strength of our enamel, once problems occur, we can be more vulnerable to problems with damage that will worsen in time. Of course, this can be a cosmetic issue as well one that concerns your oral health, as your smile can look unhealthy and generally less attractive due to wear and tear and damages.

Planning Cosmetic Treatment To Improve A Smile Affected By Wear And Tear

For many people with damaged or worn teeth, cosmetic dental work can prove effective. We can place porcelain veneers on the front surfaces of your teeth to hide flaws that make you self-conscious. They help with hiding enamel damage, wear and tear, problems with discoloration, and more issues. We can also provide tooth bonding treatment to cover flaws so that they no longer hurt your appearance.

Discussing Restorative Treatment For More Advanced Wear And Tear

If you have teeth that are more seriously affected by damage or wear and tear, we can offer support with dental crowns. Crowns cover teeth above your gum line, and they provide bite support as well as improvements for your appearance.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Improving A Smile Affected By Dental Wear And Tear

Through treatment to address dental wear and tear, chips, cracks, and other problems with your enamel, we can renew your confidence in your smile! We can offer cosmetic services as well as restorative treatments to make beneficial changes. If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to reach out to one of our other locations, call us at the following:

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