How concerned do you really need to be about aches and pains in your face and jaw, or feelings of stiffness when you bite and chew? How unusual is it to develop problems with painful or stiff movement that impacts your dental function? If these problems affect you, it can point to an issue with TMJ disorder. This is something that your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can help you resolve. Through the right approach to care, we can ease the tension on your jaw to reduce stress on your joints and muscles, which can lead to welcome overall relief. In addition to correcting problems with jaw pain and stiffness, this can resolve problems with headaches and teeth grinding!

How Can I Tell If TMJ Disorder Is A Problem?

You can look out for several symptoms of TMJ disorder if you think this condition might affect you. Problems with jaw pain and stiffness are certainly a source of concern. You should also look out for issues that make it harder to bite and chew because of resistance or feelings of pain. There are other issues—because jaw problems can affect your trigeminal nerve, you may experience discomfort in your face, head, and neck on a regular basis. Your dentist can look out for warning signs of TMJ disorder at a routine checkup, but you can also seek help if you start to suspect this issue is interfering with your quality of life.

Discussing Treatment For Jaw Pain And Stiffness With Your Dentist

When you bring up your concerns about TMJ disorder, we can start a discussion about oral appliance therapy. With the right custom guard, we can ease tension on your joints and muscles, and that can help reduce the feelings of discomfort that you have. An appliance can help with more than just your jaw alignment, as we can also make sure you have protection for your teeth when you are dealing with teeth grinding troubles.

Restorative Dentistry And Your Bite Function

Better bite movement can sometimes call for restorative dental work. By evaluating your smile, we can look out for teeth that are providing less support due to their shape, size, or health. Custom dental crowns can address problems so that you can improve your function and alleviate stress on your jaw joints and muscles.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Treating TMJ Disorder

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