Ongoing concerns about tooth pain should be brought up with your dentist. If you have a problem with pain or sensitivity that has affected you for several pains, or if you are alarmed by the amount of pain you feel, the issue could be with an infection. In time, it will grow more severe, making you vulnerable to tooth loss and spreading bacteria that affect your health. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help you with this problem. Through root canal treatment, we can remove bacteria and infected tissues so that the infection is no longer an active worry. Once we have this work done, we can provide a custom dental crown to make sure that your tooth stays safe.

A Painful Toothache Is Difficult To Ignore

While a cavity can initially be pain-free, it can be difficult to ignore decay when an infection develops. At the point where bacteria start to infiltrate your pulp, you can experience concerns about active pain and sensitivity. You can also see worrying changes as swelling occurs around the tooth, or as the structure changes color. The sooner you have these concerns brought up to your dentist, the sooner you can make sure that the issue does not grow worse! Through root canal treatment, we can stop an infection while saving your tooth and preserving your complete smile.

Planning Your Procedure To Restore An Infected Tooth

A root canal treatment will remove the bacteria present in an infected tooth, and it will also lead to the removal of damaged and infected tissues. After clearing our your pulp and sealing it to keep it safe, we can make plans to fully restore your tooth with a dental crown. The work of managing the threat of an infection should take place in a timely fashion. If you wait too long to do something about a possible infection, it is more likely that the condition of your tooth will deteriorate so much that it cannot be saved, which means our only option left involves its extraction and replacement.

Restoring Your Tooth After Root Canal Treatment Occurs

It is important that a secure dental crown be placed after a root canal. This restoration provides more support than a dental filling, so you can still confidently bite and chew food after your procedure is finished. We can make sure that your crown mimics your tooth structure so that you see cosmetic as well as oral health benefits from your procedure.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Root Canal Treatment

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