How do you know when you have a cavity? You can experience problems with pain or sensitivity as decay starts to worsen, but you can have no idea that you need restorative dental work if you do not schedule regular dental exams. At these appointments, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is able to recognize when damages to tooth structure need to be addressed. When a problem is caught in time, we can provide treatment with a dental filling that protects your tooth and provides cosmetic support as well as functional protection. Composite fillings actually bond to your enamel, adding remarkable stability. In situations where more severe cavities need to be treated, we can provide larger restorations, including full crowns, to make sure that you have the right support.

How A Cavity Is Properly Treated

Any time a cavity forms, it needs to be treated through both the removal of decay as well as the placement of a permanent restoration. Without this combination of services, your tooth is at serious risk for trouble; once a cavity is present, you face risks for infection and tooth loss. The removal of decayed tissues will stop complications from the further spread of bacteria, while a restoration prevents injuries and the start of a new infection.

We Offer Fillings That Can Match Your Tooth Structure

Dental fillings are the more conservative treatment option available to you if you have a cavity. They only cover the area where damaged tissues had to be removed, which means the surrounding enamel is preserved. Once applied, the composite material we use to take care of you bonds to your tooth structure. In the course of that bonding process, the material hardens enough to provide long-term protection even as you rely on your tooth for bite support.

Dealing With Advanced Decay

If you have an advanced cavity, you will be able to count on treatment from either a partial or a full dental crown. Partials provide opportunities for us to treat more severe decay without the need to fully modify your tooth to make space for a crown. If you are in need of a full crown, we can design it so that it protects your tooth and also matches its appearance, which ensures you do not have to worry about your appearance after your care is complete.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treatment With A Dental Filling

Through treatment with a durable and lifelike filling, we can make sure you do not have issues with your oral health and appearance after you experience problems with a cavity. If you would like to find out more about how we can respond to this and other matters that concern your smile, you can reach any of our locations near you at the following:

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