When you experience a dental injury, you can worry that your smile is going to be permanently marred. Unfortunately, physical harm can leave us with chips, cracks, and other damages that will not heal on their own. However, that does not mean you have to feel stuck with your flawed smile! You can meet with your Temecula, CA dentist to discuss the benefits of cosmetic dental work for injuries that alter your appearance. With the right procedure, we can transform the way you look while only making minimal changes to your tooth structure. We can also look into your treatment options if we have concerns about the way your injury might have impacted your oral health.

Even Minor Dental Damage Can Be A Problem

A dental injury does not have to be severe to be a problem. One small chip or crack in the right location can cause a significant change to your smile. Until you do something about it, the damage will continue to draw unwanted attention that can leave you unhappy with your overall appearance. The good news is that with the right cosmetic dental procedure, this kind of flaw can be hidden, and you can once again feel great about how you look when you smile.

Using Cosmetic Treatment To Hide Smile Flaws

With options for treatment that include porcelain veneers and dental bonding work, it is possible for a conservative procedure to improve the way you look. Dental bonding procedures can cover up damages and other visible issues conservatively, as we will only have to apply a resin substance to the affected area to keep it covered. Porcelain veneers are thin, durable restorations that cover the front surfaces of teeth. They require more preparatory work, but they can make it easier for you to sustain your improvements.

What If My Injury Is More Serious Than I Realize?

In a situation where your injury affects your oral health as well as your appearance, we can recommend that you receive a dental crown. This can still improve your appearance,  as we can supply a crown that is carefully designed to match your enamel and provide cosmetic benefits.

Plan Treatment For Dental Damage At Our Temecula, CA Dentist’s Office

Through the different services that we provide, our practice can help you take on issues with dental damage that mar your smile and make you self-conscious about the way you look. In addition to providing cosmetic treatments to hide relatively minor issues, we can look out for the warning signs of more serious damage and respond with restorative dental treatment. To find out more, you can reach any one of our practices near you at the following:

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