If your teeth are not in their ideal positions, their uneven appearances can make you self-conscious. With the right approach to smile care, you can put this problem behind you. In addition to discussing traditional orthodontic services with you, our Corona, CA dentist’s office can talk to you about orthodontic work with clear aligners. Invisalign appliances are both hard to see and easy for you to remove. Because they can make daily life during an adjustment easier, you can be more comfortable committing to care. In some cases, we may be able to look at cosmetic services that do not involve orthodontic work in order to make positive changes to your smile.

Are You Unhappy With Your Smile Because Your Teeth Are Not Properly Aligned?

Your poor smile alignment can be a difficult problem to live with. Fortunately, fixing spacing flaws may be easier than you realize. While some patients should pursue work with traditional metal braces, many people who want results can look at Invisalign for care. With a set of clear aligners, you can resolve problems with the way you look while not worrying about the impact of your appliances on your smile or daily life.

Using Clear Aligners To Make Positive Cosmetic Changes

Your set of Invisalign aligners will be custom-made so that they provide the right movements. Each appliance in your set will bring you closer to having your smile fully corrected. All of them are difficult to see, and they are all easy to remove, which means they have less effect on you in the course of your day.

Discussing Your Other Treatment Options For Improving Your Smile

In addition to traditional and alternative orthodontic appliances, we can sometimes recommend cosmetic dental work when patients are unhappy with how their teeth are spaced. With porcelain veneers, we can cover up gaps and overlaps in less time, and we can see to it that any other flaws that worry you are corrected!

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Treatment With Clear Aligners!

With a set of custom clear aligners, it is possible to fix the spacing problems you have with your smile while not disrupting your appearance or daily life. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we are happy to discuss this service with you, or we can look into other treatment options that are more appropriate for reaching your smile goals. If you would like to find out more about how your uneven smile can be treated, reach out to any of our following locations by calling:

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