By keeping up with smile care at home and with your regular dental exams, you can avoid cavities, which means you avoid problems with your oral health that require in-office care. Unfortunately, many people will have problems with decay at least once in their life. In the event that you do need restorative dental work, your Riverside, CA dentist is prepared to help you! Our services rely on restorations that can successfully match the appearance of your enamel. This means that your teeth will maintain their natural look, so you will not have to worry a cavity in a conspicuous area will hurt your appearance.

Why Cavities Should Be Taken Seriously

Problems with cavities are not something you should ignore. In fact, by delaying a procedure to treat decay, you can experience worsening complications that lead to the risk for an infection to form. One way to make sure you avoid this is to go in for regular dental exams. When you do, you can receive early warnings about trouble, which can make the procedure you need more conservative and save more of your natural tooth structure.

What Will Your Cavity Treatment Involve?

The type of care that you receive will be determined by what condition your tooth is in when you are evaluated. Dental fillings are the more conservative treatment option. Your restoration will only cover the area where a cavity had to be treated, but the surrounding structure does not have to change. Our fillings can bond with your enamel and match its appearance, which means your results are discreet as well as durable. For patients who have experienced more severe cavities, we can recommend work with dental crowns. A crown will cover your tooth above your gum line, which means more preparatory work has to take place. With that said, this is an effective means of providing long-term protection and functional support when a more severe cavity has formed.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Cavity Treatment!

Our practice is here to help you maintain a healthy smile and avoid issues that require restorative dental work. That being said, we are certainly here to help you when you need to do something about trouble with your dental health! Our cavity treatment options include restorations that can imitate your tooth structure and provide lasting protection. For more information, you can contact any of our dental offices near you at the following:

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