Regaining your complete smile can benefit you for more than just cosmetic reasons. It can certainly be appealing to find that your tooth loss can be addressed in order to feel more comfortable with the way you look. With that said, it can also be beneficial to take on this problem because doing so can improve your bite function and overall oral health! Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office is here to help you if you want to see what your treatment options include. We can discuss different options like implant dentistry and the use of dental bridges to close gaps. Whether you need to replace one tooth or many of them, we can discuss an approach to treatment that gives you lasting benefits!

How Has Tooth Loss Impacted Your Quality Of Life?

Tooth loss can impact you by taking away confidence in your smile, making you vulnerable to more losses, interfering with your bite function, and generally hurting your oral health. The short-term issues with your appearance and dental function can certainly be difficult to live with. In time, you can experience problems with jawbone deterioration and further losses, creating more difficulties for you. After discussing your options for prosthetic dental work, you can find that you can put an end to these issues and enjoy a welcome confidence boost in both your appearance and your well-being.

Discussing Your Different Options For Regaining A Complete Smile

Through the placement of a permanent dental prosthetic, we can give you lasting support that provides better bite function and health along with smile improvements. With dental bridges and implant-held restorations, we can fix an appliance in place so that it stays secure and gives you the support you need to bite and chew without problems. Through implant dentistry, we can provide support that had previously been supplied by your implant posts. They can stimulate your jawbone and keep it from losing density. They can also help support neighboring roots to keep them secure. Even if you need a full denture, we can discuss how implants can play a role in restoring your smile.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Restoring Your Incomplete Smile

Through dental work to restore your incomplete smile, we can give you back your confidence in the way you look, improve your dental function, and support your oral health. There are different services that can help with this problem. If you would like to discuss your options for care, you can reach any of our offices in the area by contacting us at the following:

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