Dental sensitivity can make it difficult for you to enjoy foods and drinks you used to enjoy. It can also be a warning that something is happening with your oral health that you need to address. One possible cause is teeth grinding, which can happen throughout the night. People who struggle with bruxism can have sensitivity during the day, particularly when they first wake up, as well as problems with facial and jaw pain, wear and tear that affects their enamel, and lingering bite pain because of TMJ disorder. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you take on this matter. In addition to protecting you against further problems with grinding, we can work with you on restoring any teeth that this habit has already damaged.

Dental Sensitivity Can Be A Symptom Of Teeth Grinding

Dental sensitivity is one of many warning signs that you have a teeth grinding problem. There are several reasons why people begin to clench and grind their teeth at night. Because bruxism affects you while you are at rest, it can take more than just a change in your behavior to resolve the matter. Until you do something, you can continue to struggle with sensitivity as well as concerning issues with jaw pain and stiffness, dental damage, and more!

Using A Custom Oral Guard To Protect Against Nightly Issues With Bruxism

To stop further problems with bruxism, we can provide a custom oral appliance that you wear while you sleep. When in position, it can stop you from creating the friction that hurts enamel and puts stress on your face and jaw. We can also recommend appliance therapy for patients who suffer from TMJ disorder but are not showing symptoms of teeth grinding.

What Can I Do If Bruxism Has Already Hurt My Smile?

For patients who already have dental damage, the right response to bruxism can include restorative or cosmetic dental work. The amount of damage you have experienced can inform how we provide care. Restorative dental work can take on problems with wear and tear that threaten your oral health and bite. With cosmetic dental work, we can take on the superficial effects of wear and tear with more conservative procedures.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Bruxism And Dental Sensitivity

If you have issues with dental sensitivity and suspect that bruxism might be why, make sure you let your Riverside, CA dentist know! The sooner you deal with this problem, the less likely it is that you will experience complications from wear and tear on your enamel. For more information, you can reach any of our locations near you by calling the following:

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