When it comes to smile care, there are several ways in which you protect yourself, as well as several potential concerns to avoid. Of course, it is hard to think of another issue as closely tied to oral health as dental decay. By preventing cavities, you protect yourself against irreversible harm done by dental decay. With the help of your Riverside, CA dentist’s office, you can have an easier time than you anticipate preventing dental decay from becoming a concern. In addition to offering important in-office services during your routine oral health exams and cleanings, we can offer timely warnings about problems that do occur, and we can make sure they are treated before there are complications.

1. Remember To Floss On A Daily Basis

What will it take to ensure that every area of your smile is cleaned? Brushing thoroughly will certainly be valuable, but even with this habit in place, you can have a hard time reaching those spaces between teeth. This is why flossing should be part of your daily routine. It can be difficult for the bristles of a toothbrush to fit between teeth, but bacteria and food particles can make their way into these spaces and create problems for you. Just as regular dental cleanings performed during checkups will help you keep a fully clean smile, better flossing can ensure that vulnerable spaces have the right protection.

2. Look Out For These Bad Brushing Habits

Are you truly doing enough to protect yourself when you brush your teeth? You should practice this habit at least twice a day, and you should give yourself at least two minutes to make sure that you reach even those areas of your smile that are particularly hard to access. Remember that the quality of your brush matters. Soft bristles are all that you need to effectively clear away plaque and food debris. However, to ensure you are effectively managing your cavity risk, be sure to replace a brush after three months or once the bristles look worn.

3. See Your Dentist On A Consistent Basis For Preventive Checkups

Regular dental exams will help you avoid future problems, just as they give you updates about the current state of your smile. Preventive care offered by your dental cleanings will keep tartar formation off of your smile. Tartar buildup is particularly concerning for your oral health because the deposits will remain despite your brushing and flossing efforts.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Cavity Prevention

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