Are you confident in the health of your smile? One issue that can hurt your dental hygiene is the presence of tartar buildup. The accumulation of these deposits will raise your risk for problems with dental decay as well as gum disease. While you can prevent the formation of this material with good oral hygiene habits at home, make sure you also have the kind of protection provided during regular dental exams. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help you protect yourself by providing regular cleanings from your hygienist. These sessions remove tartar before the material can make you more susceptible to issues that will demand more involved care.

Tartar Buildup Can Lead To More Serious Oral Health Issues

When tartar formation becomes a problem, it can leave you vulnerable to issues that require restorative dental work and more advanced cleanings to fight gingivitis. You do have the ability to stop tartar from forming, but when deposits are present, they will remain until you have your next professional teeth cleaning. The longer these deposits remain, the more likely it is that they will cause you to experience issues like dental decay and gum disease.

Scheduling Consistent Exams And Cleanings

Consistent dental cleanings and exams both help patients stay healthy and ensure that problems are promptly caught and treated. Your hygienist will carefully review your smile to see where deposits might be and take care to remove them. The care itself is important, but this service also helps you by letting you know when you are letting certain areas go without the appropriate support.

Better Smile Care At Home

In addition to protecting yourself against tartar buildup, a better oral hygiene routine at home will help you avoid difficulties with gum disease and cavities, which means you are less likely to have complications that require restorative dental work at an appointment. Remember that brushing and flossing need to be consistent and thorough, and that part of your hygiene routine should include a commitment to smart diet choices that limit your sugar intake.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Better Tartar Prevention!

When you do a better job fighting tartar buildup, you can have an easier time preventing issues with gum disease and dental decay! Effective smile care at home will help you stop tartar buildup from forming, but remember to consistently book preventive services to keep your smile safe, as these visits include professional dental cleanings from your hygienist that can remove deposits of tartar. If you have questions about routine care or need to set an appointment, you can reach any of our locations near you by calling us at the following:

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