Does dental discomfort frequently affect you whenever you bite and chew? How often is jaw pain a source of concern for you? When you struggle with TMJ disorder, you can find that pain is a recurring issue, one that can affect more than just your face and jaw. Headaches as well as neck and shoulder discomfort can be triggered by this issue. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we can offer treatment so that your jaw issues no longer impact your quality of life. Based on a review of your jaw alignment and movement, we can find an effective solution for you. We can also provide treatment to address any problems with poor dental health that have had a negative impact on your bite movement.

Is Dental Discomfort A Problem When You Bite And Chew?

The basic motions that you perform when you bite and chew should be taken seriously. When these ordinary motions cause discomfort, or when you have recurring issues with pain and stiffness in your face and jaw, it can point to trouble with TMJ disorder. There are different reasons why this starts to affect people. What you should know is that when it is properly dealt with, you can be free from discomfort and stiff or limited movements. You can also put a stop to a problem that is triggering headaches and other discomforts.

Using TMJ Treatment To Address Jaw Problems

With appliance therapy, we can correct a problem with your jaw alignment and movement so that pain is no longer a persistent issue for you. The appliance that you receive will be custom-made so that we can ensure it fits and provides the right kind of correction. When you wear it at night, you can train your lower jaw to remain in a more comfortable position and move without triggering pain!

Dealing With Dental Problems That Affect Bite Movement

Poor dental health can force uncomfortable changes in your bite, which is why treatment for TMJ disorder sometimes includes restorative dental work. Any teeth that currently fail to offer the right support can be capped with dental crowns that protect them and offer functional benefits. You can be relieved to know that these restorations can be made to imitate healthy enamel and preserve how you look.

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