How often do you find yourself wincing with discomfort after a simple jaw movement? Do you have more frequent problems with headaches, or difficulties with teeth grinding and clenching while you sleep? These different issues can point to a need for TMJ treatment. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder stems from problems with poor jaw alignment and movement. If it remains untreated, the strain from poor joint alignment and movement can result in more pain for your face, head, neck, and shoulders. It can also make it harder to move your jaw without triggering discomfort or experiencing stiffness. Fortunately, this is an issue that your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can help you manage! Taking it on will lead to welcome relief; to make sure the matter is fully addressed, we can also look out for problems with your dental health that might make a natural bite function difficult for you.

Does It Seem Like Jaw Pain Is Becoming A More Frequent Issue For You?

Something as simple as biting and chewing or speaking should not cause you to feel pain. Discomfort and resistance when you try to move your jaw can point to issues with TMJ disorder, which means your jaw is not moving in proper alignment. This can have additional unwelcome effects. For example, you can experience headaches more often, and you are more likely to start struggling with bruxism. There are different reasons why people start to have trouble maintaining a uniform bite. To take this matter on, we can recommend that you begin treatment in the form of oral appliance therapy.

Arranging TMJ Treatment To Address Ongoing Issues With Discomfort

Appliance therapy helps to retrain your jaw to remain in a more comfortable position, one that encourages a better, more uniform movement. The appliance you receive will be customized for your individual use. Each night you wear it, the guard trains your jaw to stay in a more comfortable position, which can help you return to a natural and comfortable bite movement.

When Poor Dental Health Affects Bite Function

Some problems with TMJ disorder can stem from untreated issues with teeth that are in poor health. Fixing these issues through the appropriate restorative dental work will help you evenly apply pressure when you bite, which means you do not depend on an awkward or uneven movement.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About TMJ Pain

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