Even if it is healthy, a smile that you find unattractive can be a source of frustration and embarrassment. There are times when issues with your teeth are cosmetic in nature, and not something that has to be addressed with restorative dental work. In other circumstances, patients can come in with the hopes of addressing both oral health and esthetic issues. Fortunately, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is ready to offer this kind of support! We can work with you to make significant changes to your appearance by taking on different smile flaws. That can mean addressing difficulties with discoloration, dental damage, natural wear and tear, and even significant concerns like tooth loss!

Do You Feel That You Need Significant Work Done To Improve Your Smile?

If you have more than just minor concerns about your smile, you may feel that cosmetic dental work will be either inaccessible or difficult for you to arrange. What you can be pleasantly surprised to learn is that striking results can be seen in as little as one treatment, so you can actually be closer to your ideal appearance than you realize! This is because with just one procedure, we can take on multiple issues with how you look. As a result, you can have the right changes to your appearance made for an important upcoming event. We should note that we are also prepared to help when the right approach to care calls for an approach that focuses on restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental work.

Making Plans For Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction plan can include services that are focused on cosmetic improvements, but it can also feature work to restore teeth that are in poor health. If you require the latter, we can still help you see the changes that you want, as we can provide dental crowns that imitate healthy enamel and improve your appearance. We can even use lifelike prosthetic appliances to help when you need to do something about teeth that are absent. Those teeth that do not require advanced support can be reshaped and sized, brightened, and generally made more attractive through dental bonding and contouring work, or we can make positive changes with porcelain veneers.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Significant Smile Improvements!

Through the right approach to treatment, we can help you show off a stunning smile! Our practice offers different services that make exciting results possible, often with less time and effort than you anticipate. If you would like to find out more, reach out to any of our locations near you at the following:

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