If you consistently book preventive dental appointments, you can enjoy regular protection against oral health threats that can have a negative impact on your appearance and health. The protection provided during visits to your Riverside, CA dentist’s office comes in the form of cleanings that protect your teeth and evaluations that can lead to the discovery and treatment of many different concerns. Our practice can also help by offering guidance on improving your oral hygiene efforts between your appointments. A better routine at home can lower your risk for cavities, stop tartar formation from becoming a problem, and lower your risk for gum disease.

How Are You Protecting Your Teeth And Gums Between Dental Exams?

As important as it is to keep up with regular dental exams, you should also do your part to protect your smile by following a good hygiene routine at home. Thinking about what you do to protect your teeth and gums can be important at any time, but it can be a particularly smart thing to do as the year approaches its end. After all, you can have multiple trips planned for the holidays, and many celebrations that provide you with an unusual degree of access to tasty treats. Letting travel disrupt your hygiene routine and making changes to your diet can lead to more risks for oral health problems!

Committing To The Right Hygiene Routine

A good brushing routine should see you care for your smile for at least two minutes twice a day—providing this amount of support for your teeth and gums will help you rid yourself of oral bacteria and food debris accumulated in the course of the day. However, even with dedicated care in this form, you can have limited protection. Flossing is an important additional form of daily protection because it lets you address bacteria and food particle buildup that can occur between your teeth. These efforts, along with your regular dental exams, make it easier to preserve a confident smile and lower your risk for problems that require restorative dental work.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About How You Can Effectively Keep Your Smile Free From Problems!

Reviewing and improving your daily oral hygiene routine can have real benefits. The right efforts, when combined with good diet choices and consistent preventive dental care, will help you avoid the kinds of problems that make restorative services necessary! If you would like more information on maintaining a healthy and lovely smile, reach out to any of our locations at the following:

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