Your experience with tooth loss can certainly be difficult. The issue robs you of the ability to comfortably bite and chew, which can shrink your diet choices. It can also make you susceptible to new problems with jaw pain as well as excess wear and tear on remaining teeth! The good news is that these are issues that you can address by seeking prosthetic dental work! At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we can recommend different services for those who have incomplete smiles. One option relies on the creation and placement of a custom dental bridge. A bridge is carefully constructed to close a gap permanently and look natural. It also means you can receive a lasting solution to tooth loss that does not require oral surgery!

The Difficulties Of Living With Tooth Loss

The difficulties that you experience with tooth loss can extend beyond the cosmetic. It can certainly be embarrassing to have a gap that is visible, but there consequences that also affect your oral health and daily life that should not be written off. Those problems cover issues like poor bite function, which can wear down remaining teeth and make it harder to avoid problems with TMJ disorder. Another worry is that those teeth next to your gap will loosen and become lost over time. The more you delay in addressing this issue, the more likely it is to have worsening consequences!

A Dental Bridge Can Permanently Close The Gap In Your Smile

With a custom dental bridge, we are able to permanently close the space left by tooth loss while avoiding the need for oral surgery. The appliance relies on two crowns at either side and at least one pontic, a replacement tooth, between them. The crowns are set on teeth that surround the open space; with their placement, you can count on your bridge to stay in position even as you continue to bite and chew with it.

More Solutions For Patients With Incomplete Smiles

Another treatment option available to you involves the placement of a dental implant. When in position, the implant lets us permanently secure a restoration without the need for altering neighboring teeth. Another advantage to this is that your restoration will stimulate your jawbone when you bite and chew, which helps you keep the bone in good health.

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