Worsening decay is capable of creating lasting problems for your dental health. The longer it takes for you to do something about a cavity, the more it will grow and do irreversible harm to your enamel. As time passes, you will eventually find yourself at risk for problems that include the onset of an upsetting infection. However, when the problem is caught in time and treated, you can limit how much impact a cavity has on your enamel. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we can respond to different degrees of dental decay. Whether you need to do something about a problem caught during a general exam or you come in with concerns about discomfort and a severe cavity, we can provide support that preserves your appearance and fully restores your health.

The Impact Of Timing On Cavity Treatment

Simply put, the longer it takes you to do something about an active cavity, the more likely it is that you will have complications to address. Bacteria eventually make their way to your pulp as your tooth structure is destroyed. When microbes enter the pulp, you can experience pain and sensitivity, and you can face a real risk for losing your tooth! With better timing, you can have your tooth cared for while the harm is still less worrying.

Addressing Decay When A Cavity Is Caught Early

A cavity that is caught while the harm only affects your enamel can receive a more conservative treatment. You can be a good candidate for care with a dental filling that covers the affected area. The surrounding structure is preserved, and the material used to defend the site of the cavity can match your enamel. This kind of treatment is something that we can fit into just a single visit, so you can have results in a short time.

Fully Treating Your Tooth When You Have An Advanced Cavity

Advanced tooth decay can worsen until you develop an infection! If this happens, you can feel discomfort, see swelling and discoloration of gum tissues, and even observe a change in your tooth color. A root canal procedure removes infected tissues within the pulp, the inner tooth structure. After this is done, we can cap your tooth with a custom dental crown that provides bite strength and cosmetic support to maintain your smile and quality of life.

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