Your commitment to cavity prevention should be sustained throughout the year. Without meaning to, many people can falter in their efforts to prevent decay around the holidays, both because of disruptive travel plans and because they face more temptation from seasonal treats. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we offer support all year long through regular dental exams and cleanings. We can also provide insights and guidance on protecting your teeth and gums between these appointments. Scheduling your next appointment after the holidays can help you make sure that you are on top of your hygiene needs and free from any concerns about your dental health.

Holiday Activities Can Be Trouble For Our Teeth

There are different reasons why a person who normally stays on top of their smile care needs might struggle around the holidays. One is that their travel plans lead to a short disruption in their oral hygiene efforts. Another is that they can go to different gatherings that offer an array of tempting foods and beverages that contain higher amounts of sugar. Even a small interruption in your normal efforts at preventive care can prove costly, as you can develop tartar deposits that will remain until your next professional teeth cleaning.

Sticking To Smart Oral Health Habits

Even if you are on the road during the holidays, make sure you have time every day to brush and floss. Flossing is an important daily task, one that protects spaces between teeth that would be missed if you only brushed. See to it that you also stay consistent with brushing twice a day to fight the accumulation of food particles and bacteria. Another area of concern for travelers and partygoers is exposure to more sugary and processed goods. Defend yourself by snacking smart when possible with products that are lower in sugar, and stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

Make Sure Your Smile Care Needs Are Met In 2023!

Remember that your smile will continue to need support after the holidays end! Our practice is ready to provide routine care in the new year. We offer thorough reviews as well as cleanings. In the event that we find a problem, we can discuss restorative dental work that will preserve your smile.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Expert Cavity Care!

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