How effective is your current approach to smile care at fighting tartar? You can protect yourself against its formation, but it will take a visit to the dentist’s office to deal with any buildup that does occur. That accumulation between dental appointments is something that your hygienist can address. During your regular dental visits, this substance is searched for and removed when found in the course of your regular cleanings. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you protect yourself against different oral health threats by providing regular preventive services. We are also ready to support you at times when more serious issues arise and require attention, and we can provide guidance to help you better defend your teeth between visits.

Why You Should Be Concerned By Tartar Buildup

If tartar deposits can be removed before they make restorative dentistry necessary, are they really something that should make you concerned? These deposits may not demand restorative work, but they do require help in the dentist’s office. This is because they will resist your efforts at removal at home. Remember this when you are tempted to skip brushing or flossing at the end of a long day; when plaque buildup is managed inconsistently, you are more likely to have deposits harden and form tartar. Until your next professional teeth cleaning, these concentrations remain and make you vulnerable to cavities and gum disease!

Better Oral Hygiene Efforts Can Help You Keep Your Teeth Clean

By thoroughly brushing and flossing each day, you can stop yourself from experiencing the kind of problems with tartar and plaque buildup that can lead to more serious threats. Reaching every part of your smile is important to your routine. Two minutes of focused brushing will help you remove any deposits that form, while flossing before bed each night can protect you in spaces brush bristles are poor at reaching.

The Importance Of Consistent Smile Care From Your Dentist’s Office

Say you have a thorough and consistent smile care routine that you practice. Do you really need to add regular dental appointments to the list of efforts you make to protect yourself? Remember that it is not always easy to recognize small shortcomings in a routine, and that gradual changes like enamel erosion can impact our vulnerability to oral health threats. Keeping up with dental exams will help with tartar removal and more, which ultimately helps you keep your smile in good condition.

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