Man flossing gingivitis prevention concept

The prevention of gingivitis effectively protects you against more than you might realize. When your gums are in poor health, there is a risk for the initial infection to worsen to the point where it becomes a lasting problem. This can lead to the spread of bacteria to different parts of the body, and it can also result in tissue damage weakening the support that your teeth depend on to remain in position. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients protect themselves against this issue. In addition to supplying in-office preventive services, we can provide guidance to help you improve your home care routine. One important form of support is through guidance on flossing. When done correctly, this is a habit that will keep you safe from the accumulation of harmful microbes that can make their way under your gums and create problems.

Gingivitis Is A Problem That Carries Worrying Consequences

The consequences of gum disease can be surprising and alarming to those unfamiliar with its effects. In time, gingivitis will worsen to the point where bacteria become difficult for you to reach on your own by brushing and flossing. As the microbes on the roots of your teeth continue to damage the tissues that support them, your risk for tooth loss rises. You also need to be concerned with the spread of bacteria that enter your bloodstream and make trouble for your health in other areas. The good news is that with the right routine in place, and through regular dental exams, you can lower your risk for this kind of trouble!

Using Your Flossing Routine To Protect Your Gums

Every time you floss, you fight the accumulation of bacteria that accumulate between teeth. These are difficult areas to tend to through brushing alone, as the bristles of your brush can fail to reach them effectively. However, they offer ample space for bacteria to accumulate, and that can lead to trouble with gingivitis. Floss every evening in order to remove these microbes from these spaces before they can harden into tartar or start gathering below your gums. Remember to move the string vertically in order to remove bacteria that are closer to the gums already. With this as part of a larger strategy for care that includes brushing, smart dieting, and routine dental exams, you can stay safe against the threat of gingivitis as well as other smile concerns!

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