Older Woman Happy With VeneersAre you excited to show off your smile whenever you enter a room? A lifetime of wear and tear can reduce the confidence you feel for your teeth when making an impression. You might worry that chips and cracks in your enamel are visible to others. You may be slightly unhappy with the current shade of your teeth. Fortunately, your Corona, CA dentist offers a range of cosmetic services to improve the appearance of your grin, such as the placement of porcelain veneers. These thin, sturdy restorations are capable of correcting many different flaws while minimally impacting the underlying structure of your natural teeth. Please speak with our office and discover how cosmetic dental services can brighten your day!

How A Conservative Treatment Provides Beautiful Improvement

Porcelain veneers cover cracks and chips, gaps between teeth, and can even offer a whiter smile as an alternative to traditional teeth whitening solutions. Made from thin, porcelain material, the apparatus simply covers the front of your natural teeth instead of surrounding the entire structure. This partial coverage allows for quick preparatory work during the procedure. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth at an initial consultation to customize the creation of your veneer. Proper measurement allows the selection of the correct shape and size for you. At a second visit, the dentist will bond the device directly to your teeth. We then encourage you to continue your normal brushing and flossing oral hygiene routine with your beautiful new smile!

Discussing Further Options For Cosmetic Treatment

At Riverside Dental Group, we offer other cosmetic solutions to address your esthetic concerns. Teeth whitening can treat the discoloration and staining that creates dissatisfaction in a patient’s smile. We offer an in-office solution that takes approximately one to two hours to remove stains, or we can send you home with bleaching trays as well. This at-home service whitens the teeth in about two weeks. We also offer bonding and contouring services to minorly change the shape and size of your natural teeth. Bonding allows us to add material to a chipped tooth or gap while contouring removes small amounts of enamel to smooth over rough and jagged teeth.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About The Advantages Of Porcelain Veneers

Would you love to improve the way you look whenever you smile and speak? The placement of this device can give a long-lasting confidence boost in your appearance. For more information about this or any other service we offer, contact any of our locations at the following:

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