Tooth Holding WrenchWhen plaque and tartar deposits lead to the formation of a cavity, you may rely upon a dental filling to save the remaining healthy tissue. This treatment repairs the breakdown of enamel that allows bacteria to infect your tooth. Seeking a solution on time can prevent further harm from decay, like the breaking or total loss of your structure. Therefore, talk to your Riverside, CA dentist at once if you suspect you need this restoration. Your dental team can confirm a cavity’s development and determine if a dental filling can stop the threat to the long-term health of your tooth.

Placing A Discreet Dental Filling

Your dentist can repair the damage to your tooth in a single appointment using a composite resin substance. First, they will numb your tooth and remove the infected tissue within the hole to clean the cavity. Once the area is clean, a dental filling is placed to protect your tooth’s function and restore its appearance. Compared to a metal-based solution, our composite resin can be matched to the individual shade of your specific teeth and blend in seamlessly. Furthermore, the resin hardens more quickly than metal, making placement faster. Remember that a cavity will continue to grow if left untreated, leaving your tooth open to infection and the need for more involved treatments.

Other Restorations For Cavity Treatment

If your dentist determines that a filling is insufficient for fully restoring your tooth’s health, we will recommend further options. A dental crown increases the physical integrity of your tooth by providing full coverage above the gumline. It can restore the shape of your tooth after a large cavity beyond the capabilities of a filling, and prevent further decay. Your dentist may also suggest a root canal therapy if the cavity progresses to infection of the pulp. This treatment seeks eradication of the infection and may allow you to keep your tooth. We may administer an antibiotic to assist clearing the bacteria after physically removing the tissue and sealing the tooth. In the event of tooth loss after a root canal, our practice offers dental implants for restoration as well.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treating Your Cavity

Cavities can rob your oral health and take away your confidence in the way you look. Fortunately, they can be treated effectively! For more information on the role that a dental filling can play in repairing your teeth, reach out to any of our locations at the following:

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