Woman with ToothacheFeeling consistent pain and discomfort inside your face and jaw is an important matter to discuss with your dentist. Sometimes the cause is not related to an issue with your existing teeth, but it is due to those that have not yet erupted. As they arrive, your wisdom teeth can push into adjacent neighbors, which can shift the alignment of your bite, damage your enamel, and cause even more problems. They may simply not fully come in at all and painfully remain inside the gum tissue. Fortunately, your Riverside, CA dentist’s office provides treatment to effectively remove your wisdom teeth and prevent further development of oral health problems. Timely extraction can protect your existing smile and ease the recovery from current pains you feel.

Wisdom Teeth Shift Your Smile And Can Cause Pain

Your wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to arrive in your mouth. As they move into place, they place pressure upon neighboring teeth. Unfortunately, there often is not enough space for their arrival. This means the third molars can cause damage to enamel, crowding, or even become impacted. Attending routine dental visits every six months allows us to monitor their movement and inform you on when extraction is applicable.

Scheduling Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

After a careful examination, we can determine how far along your third molars are, which lets us know when it is time to perform an extraction. We can perform the treatment to carefully remove them without harming the surrounding teeth. We can perform surgery to access teeth that have not yet fully erupted or have become impacted. We seek to provide you with a comfortable experience during care and provide extensive guidance and support to help you enjoy an easy recovery after surgery.

We Offer Extractions For Other Teeth When Necessary

Our practice provides surgery and extraction services for your other teeth as well. For instance, a tooth infection or failed root canal treatment may necessitate removal to relieve your pain while protecting the rest of your smile. Our dentists provide specific recommendations based on your individual oral health needs and will seek to provide as conservative a solution as possible. You can trust in our expertise when extractions are needed.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The movement of your third molars can cause great discomfort and undue pain. When not treated in a timely manner, wisdom teeth arrival can lead to new and worrying oral health problems! For more information on how we perform extractions, reach out to any of our locations at the following:

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