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When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth are frequently extracted, often before they have even fully erupted. The reason for this is that people often lack room for them. This means that when they do erupt, they can press uncomfortably against neighboring teeth and even move them out of their alignment as they press in. They can also cause physical… Read more »

When Wisdom Teeth Become A Problem

Worsening problems with pain near your jaw, or a feeling of pressure against your molars, can be a warning that your wisdom teeth are starting to erupt. Unfortunately, many of us are not able to accommodate these teeth, also known as third molars, simply because we lack space in our mouths for them. If they… Read more »

Arranging Oral Surgery To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

When your wisdom teeth begin to arrive, you can be less than thrilled. What you can instead feel is discomfort, as these teeth can press against their neighbors and create difficulties for you! Many people do not have the space for their wisdom teeth, which is why they are so often removed. At our Corona,… Read more »

The Arrival Of Wisdom Teeth Can Hurt – We Can Help!

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to arrive, and for many people that arrival is not a welcome one. People often lack the space to accommodate these teeth, also known as third molars, so their eruption can create problems with crowding as other teeth are pushed in. This can lead to pain, and it can… Read more »