Cheerful old womanHave you recently lost one of your teeth due to injury, infection, or decay? The impact of an incomplete smile can be felt in different ways. You can have a difficult time adjusting to biting and chewing around the missing area. Your jaw muscles may strain and cause pain as you shift your bite. The remaining teeth may become loose as they are no longer held in place by their missing neighbor’s support. Your jawbone can become weak as it loses vital stimulation from missing tooth roots. A dental implant can provide your jaw the support it needs and allow for the placement of a prosthetic above your gumline. Restorations, such as a dental crown, restore the appearance of your smile and return the function of your bite. Your Temecula, CA dentist’s office offers implant dentistry treatments that reduce the frustration of your loss and preserve the health of your remaining teeth.

The Benefit Of A Dental Implant

A dental implant is a procedure for replacing a missing tooth for patients who qualify. Unlike other prosthetic treatments, an implant mimics the function of your missing roots. This supports your jawbone health while also allowing you to restore the visible portion of your tooth. Left untreated, a missing tooth can lead to loss of jawbone density. As the bone becomes smaller, surrounding teeth become loose and may eventually fall out. If we determine you are a good candidate, we will place a titanium post to preserve your bone. As your mouth heals, the jaw tissues fuse to the post and secure it in place. We then attach a piece called an abutment that rests above your gumline. The abutment connects your visible restoration to the implant and allows the transfer of force that stimulates your jawbone. This stimulation signals your brain to provide important nutrients for maintaining your jaw’s health.

Selecting Your Restoration

When you experience a single tooth loss, we often recommend the placement of a dental crown to restore your smile. We will suggest materials that replicate the shape of your natural tooth and match the shade of its neighbors. When replacing multiple missing teeth, we also offer comprehensive restoration through implant-retained dentures.

Call Your Temecula, CA Dentist And Discover The Benefits Of A Dental Implant!

We can improve the appearance of your smile through implant dentistry! The correct approach to prosthetic placement helps you feel good about your appearance, and will deliver important oral health benefits as well. To schedule a consultation, call any of our dental offices near you:

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