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Experiencing painful problems with the uneven, stiff, or awkward movement of your jaw can greatly reduce your quality of life. When you fail to address these issues, they continue and can lead to increased frequency and severity of discomfort. Your teeth may even begin to grind down as the jaw moves in unnatural positions. Reporting your symptoms to a professional can provide desirable treatment.

Your Riverside, CA dentist can evaluate pain or stiffness in your jaw and determine if you suffer from TMJ syndrome, a disorder of the temporomandibular joints. Proper diagnosis can lead to a noninvasive treatment to reduce the stiffness of your jaw and increase your daily comfort. We can determine if any grinding of your teeth is apparent and offer treatment to improve the appearance of any worn down structures.

When TMJ Syndrome Reduces Your Quality Of Life

The pain and stress of TMJ syndrome can be felt all throughout the day. Hard to ignore, these symptoms flare up each time you attempt to move your jaw while speaking or trying to enjoy a meal. You may begin to develop chronic headaches as well. Certain patients develop persistent teeth grinding issues called bruxism which contribute additional threats to their oral health. As teeth grinding wears the enamel, they can give a more aged appearance. Treatment through cosmetic dentistry can help restore the look of your teeth, but stopping the grinding is required to prevent future damage.

Solutions To Relieve Stress Upon Your Jaw

By visiting your dentist, you allow us to inspect your symptoms and evaluate if you suffer from TMJ syndrome. If detected, we will provide treatment that best addresses the source of pain inside your jaw, joints, and face. The nightly wearing of a custom device can gently shift the placement of your jaw while you sleep. This relieves the continued tension that causes stiffness when you wake up each morning. For patients who exhibit the signs of bruxism, we can provide a mouthguard that prevents contact between each row of teeth at night. Made from a BPA-free material, this appliance also relieves pressure in the muscles of your face from constant grinding. If we determine the source of your TMJ is tooth loss, we can also provide a restorative solution to return your full bite and correct misalignment.

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