Woman clenching mouthDo you wake up each morning with pain or stiffness inside your jaw? When your jaw, face, or neck suffers significant pain, it can reduce your quality of life and be a sign of an underlying oral health problem. Letting these problems continue untreated can lead to increased discomfort, so you should report your symptoms to a professional. Your Riverside, CA dentist can evaluate your condition and determine if you are suffering from TMJ disorder, a disorder of the temporomandibular joints. If so, we can provide a noninvasive treatment for your jaw and seek to reduce the discomfort that impacts your daily life. We can explore if any chronic grinding problems associated with TMJ disorder have contributed to physical wear and tear of your teeth and suggest cosmetic solutions for enhancing the beauty of your smile.

How TMJ Disorder Develops

You use your temporomandibular joints everyday to control your jaw articulation as you eat and speak. By connecting your jawbone to your skull, this joint can experience undue stress and strain when your jaw becomes unaligned. As the disorder worsens, you may eventually have trouble fully opening and closing your mouth. TMJ problems are often caused by dental misalignment, physical injury to your face, habitual grinding that wears down the surface of your teeth, and other problems with the shape of your jaw. Common symptoms include pain in the jaw, neck or face, and a popping or clicking sound whenever you move your jaw up and down. If you suspect you have developed TMJ disorder, receiving treatment can prevent these symptoms from becoming worse.

Treatment Options To Relieve Jaw Stress

When you visit our office, we can evaluate your symptoms to determine if TMJ disorder is the source of your pain. From there, we can choose which solution best offers relief from aches and pains in your jaw. A custom fitted mouthguard can relieve tension by gently correcting the placement of your jaw while you sleep. This appliance also relieves pressure from constant grinding if we determine you suffer from bruxism as well. If the source of your TMJ misalignment is tooth loss, our office offers prosthetic restoration in the form of dental implants, dentures, and bridges to address the balance of your bite. Whatever the case may be, we will provide treatment by addressing the individual cause of your discomfort.

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