Man with beard on blue backgroundDo you experience constant aches in the muscles and joints of your face and jaw? Without proper treatment, this problem can greatly reduce your quality of life. You may notice your discomfort increasing in severity and interfering with your ability to fully open and close your mouth. Your problem may be caused by constant grinding and clenching of teeth that also wears away at your smile and causes further oral health issues.

Discussing tension and pain in your jaw  with a professional can lead to desirable relief. Your Riverside, CA dentist can evaluate your symptoms and discover if you have TMJ disorder, a condition of the temporomandibular joints. If detected, we can provide nonsurgical treatment to relieve tension in your jaw and reduce pain that affects your daily life. We can also examine damage from grinding and clenching of your teeth and explore solutions to return their healthy appearance

The Causes Of TMJ Disorder

By controlling the articulation of your jaw, your temporomandibular joints play a vital role in eating and speaking every single day. Because they connect your jawbone to your skull,  when your jaw becomes unaligned and causes unnatural stress, your TMJ joint can hurt. As the syndrome progresses, you may lose the full range of motion of your jaw. This causes great difficulty throughout your day as you struggle to eat and speak regularly. Problems that affect the alignment of your jaw include uneven wear of your teeth, physical injuries to your face, and certain connective tissue diseases. If you suspect you are developing TMJ disorder, let your dentist know your symptoms so we may begin treatment.

Relieving Stress Upon Your Jaw

When you schedule a consultation with your dentist, we will examine your jaw to determine if TMJ disorder is the source of your discomfort. If detected, we can provide a therapy that reduces your pain by relieving tension in the joints of your jaw. Wearing a custom-designed mouthguard at night can gently bring your jaw into proper alignment and reduce stress. By separating each row of teeth from grinding against one another, this treatment also addresses any issues with bruxism you exhibit. If your jaw has become misaligned due to tooth loss, we can restore your bite with a bridge or dental implant that returns your full smile.

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