Smiling man wearing hat and airpodsWhen issues with wear and tear affect your teeth’s enamel, the damage may appear gradually over the years. Eventually, the effect can contribute to a more aged appearance and cause significant problems with your oral health. The causes of erosion vary and include hygiene, acidic food and drink, and habitual teeth grinding. By regularly attending visits to your Riverside, CA dentist, we can detect this damage before it becomes worse and offer guidance on preventing its progression. When treating the cause, we can also provide cosmetic dentistry services to return your smile to a more beautiful state. You can restore the shape and color of healthy teeth even after years of damage to your enamel!

When Your Enamel Is Under Attack

As enamel on the surface of your teeth erodes, it can leave them shorter and cause you to appear years older than your biological age. Weakening of the surface can cause unsightly chips and cracks that bring about unwanted attention. Because your enamel provides a vital barrier against the contents of your mouth, breaking this seal makes the insides of your teeth more susceptible to cavity formation. This means that erosion is not simply a problem for your appearance, but a problem for your health as well. When we determine the cause of your erosion, we can discuss ways to stop future damage and cosmetic options for returning your appearance.

Grinding Your Teeth Causes Wear And Tear

If we detect physical wear and tear from the pressures of constant grinding, we can provide an appliance to protect your teeth while you sleep. Wearing an oral guard at night will separate each row of teeth from making contact with one another. This protects your enamel from wearing and the eventual breaking or fracturing of severely damaged teeth.

Cosmetic Treatment To Repair Worn Teeth

After addressing the cause of enamel erosion, we can discuss your options to return the appearance of bright beautiful teeth. Placing porcelain veneers can address problems with the shape of your teeth as well as their discoloration at the same time. Made from a thin layer of porcelain, each veneer is customarily created to cover existing flaws and provide great esthetic improvement. We can also provide bonding services that build up the structure of worn-down teeth.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treating Damage To Your Enamel

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